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Looking for new homes...

I'm being forced to take a hard look at my life and remove some extra stress.  I LOVE my cattle and while they are a huge part of my stress relief, irrigating 25 acres, and maintaining a herd of 30 has become more than I can handle right now.   I've put my heart and soul into building this herd, carefully selecting temperament, size, color, and "curl" to create a wonderfully diverse and beautiful group of cows.  I will only be keeping a handful so that we no longer need to lease extra pasture space.  I want to use this forum to tell you a little about the girls who are ready for new pastures.  I hope I can find someone who will love them half as much as I do, because this is SO hard! The vet is coming on August 2nd to do pregnancy checks and I will add approx. due dates then. Felicity (Sale Pending) Felicity was born March 18, 2020.  She was curious from birth and would walk right up to us and let us love on her.  Her mom, Betsy, is one of the fluffiest cows we have e

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